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BioLife Range

Picture range BioLife

The BioLife products are pure renewable and biodegradable isoparaffins used in a wide range of applications such as inks, paints & coatings, cleaning, degreasing, personal care, home care, heat transfer media, lubricants, hydraulic and metal working fluids...


The Total Ecosolutions Advantage

BioLife range products are manufactured from 100% selected renewable Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and show environmental benefits compared to their equivalent obtained from fossil feedstocks.

Moreover, thanks to the patented high-pressure Hydro De Aromatization (HDA) technology coupled with narrow cut distillations, BioLife products offer pure free-aromatics* solutions.

They are registered under REACH with their own European Community (EC) numbers.


 * below quantification limit of 20 ppm 

The Environmental Performance

 Compared with isoparaffins obtained from fossil hydrocarbons (from diesel, Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) and Coal-to-Liquid (CTL)) representing the vast majority of the market for isoparaffins:


Classified readily biodegradable (marine water OECD 306 guidelines) according to the worldwide Global Harmonized System



  • 10 to 50 times lower on aromatics content**
  • 300 times lower on the PAH content
  • 3 to 15 times lower on the benzo(a)pyrene eq content



Picto Energy

83%, 92% and 93% reduction in primary energy consumption compared to diesel, CTL and GTL respectively



Picto Resources

83% reduction of non-renewable resource consumption to diesel and 94% reduction compared to both CTL and GTL 



1.4 time reduction of the fossil CO2 emissions


**  compared to quantification limit 


More information

  • Label Award date: December 2016 (Guidelines Version 5)
  • Label Term: December 2021
  • Geographical Scope: World