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Process & Label

An eco-efficient process to meet the expectations of our clients

One of the main challenges for the energy sector is to control the energy consumption and improve its environmental footprint.  

Introduced in 2009, the Total Ecosolutions program enables our clients to consume less and more efficiently. The program offers our clients innovative solutions that provide the same outcome as the market standard while offering the added benefit of significantly better environmental performance (health aspects included) on the entire lifecycle of all products and services, such as :

  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Using less energy
  • Saving non-renewable resources
  • Consuming less water
  • Mitigating impacts on health
  • Curbing the impact on the ecosystem


Catalyzing our Innovation Efforts

To satisfy a growing demand from our clients who want to improve their environmental footprint, we have been developing innovative products and services for each of our markets for the past several years; these products offer a superior environmental performance throughout their life cycle. Total Ecososolutions catalyzes these efforts in different sectors such as:

  • Transportation (fuels, lubricants, washing solutions)
  • Housing (resins, solar panels)
  • Agriculture (engine oils for farm equipment, crop protection paraffin oils)
  • Packaging (resins)
  • Infrastructures (bitumen, drilling fluids, resins)
  • Industrial production (solvents, resins)

In this dynamic of continuous progress, Total employees leverage their expertise in key fields (Research & Development, Marketing, Strategy, and Sustainable Development) to innovate and develop more eco-efficient solutions.

We have also set up an internal governance system to:

  • Select the products and services eligible for the label
  • Assess, on the basis of a comprehensive file, whether the product or service complies with the Total Ecosolutions criteria
  • Ensure that the labeling process is respected
  • Have an independent expert firm, EY, verify that products/services are labeled according to the method described in the Total Ecosolutions Guidelines and that the guidelines are established in accordance with the principles set out in the ISO 14020 and 14021 standards for environmental labels and declarations
  • Conduct an annual review of the Total Ecosolutions line and withdraw the label from any product or service that no longer complies with the criteria 

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