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What can we find in the Total Ecosolutions catalog?

Total is committed to developing eco-efficient products, services and solutions. In the Total Ecosolutions catalog, you will find our Total Ecosolutions-labeled offers and product lines, which are designed to help you consume less and better.

The Total Ecosolutions label is awarded to solutions that are more environmentally and healthily efficient than a market benchmark, over the entire life cycle, and based on a stringent set of criteria.

From fuels to lubricants, solar panels, bitumen and resins, the Total Ecosolutions catalog at the end of 2020 contained 86 certified products from the Company's different divisions. The Total Ecosolutions label has helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 16.9 million metric tons of CO2eq since the program was launched in 2009, including 2.1 million metric tons of CO2eq by 2020.

The catalog is divided into several product categories and product lines:

  • Biofuels, fuels, combustibles, 
  • Lubricants,
  • Bitumen,
  • Special fluids,
  • Packaging,
  • Resins,
  • Renewable energy production,
  • Offgrid (energy access),
  • Storage ans batteries.

Each one justifying one or more environmental and health performance criteria, namely:

total_ecosolutions_-_pictogrammes_performance_eau.png Water savings
total_ecosolutions_-_pictogrammes_performance_energie.png Energy savings
total_ecosolutions_-_pictogrammes_performance_co2.png CO2 emissions savings
total_ecosolutions_-_pictogrammes_performance_ressources.png Savings of non renewable resources
total_ecosolutions_-_pictogrammes_performance_sante.png Impact on health
total_ecosolutions_-_pictogrammes_performance_environnement.png Impact on ecosystems