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10W-30 Fuel Economy Motor oil for public work vehicles

Picture Motor oil FE 10W-30 Public work

TOTAL TP STAR MAX FE 10W-30 is a 10W-30 grade fuel economy motor oil for public work vehicles, transmissions and hydraulic systems. Its use improves fuel efficiency and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

The Total Ecosolutions Advantage

Because fuel economy lubricants have an optimized viscosity profile, they reduce the friction that causes power loss in the lubricated parts, thereby enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Switching from a conventional 15W-40 lubricant to Total TP Star Max FE 10W-30 improves fuel efficiency by around 0,9 and 1.3% (measured on an official test bench).

The Environmental Performance

until 1,3% reduction in energy consumption

until 1,3% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

More Information

  • Label Award date: August 2011
  • Label Renewal date: December 2016 (Guidelines Version 5)
  • Label Term: December 2021
  • Geographical Scope: World