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Polyethylene rPE 6306 for low to medium capacity bottles

Polyethylene rPE 6306

The « Circular Compound » rPE 6306 is a raw material containing 50% virgin material and 50% postconsumer recycled material. It has the particularity on the market of being colorless (no pigments) and odorless. It has been designed for the production of low to medium capacity bottles (0.5 to 5 liters), produced by blow-moulding extrusion and more particularly detergent bottles.

The Total Ecosolutions advantage

rPE 6306 is designed to be equivalent to the reference product on the market which is the HDPE 5502, a 100% virgin resin. The only distinction between both products lies in the composition of rPE 6306 which includes 50% of recycled material.

The environmental performance

20% reduction in energy consumption

24% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

46% reduction in water consumption

Throughout the whole life cycle and to produce a bottle that can contain from 0.5 to 5 liters of detergent identical to that produced from virgin HDPE.

Picto Check VA External verification

Independent auditor EY has verified that this product was labeled according to the method described in the Total Ecosolutions Guidelines and that the guidelines comply with the principles set out in the ISO 14020 and 14021 standards which govern environmental claims and particularly their accuracy.

More information

  • Label Award date: April 2018 (Référentiel Version 5)
  • Label Term: December 2023
  • Geographical Scope: Europe

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