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Retired labels

The information in the label request files submitted for Total Ecosolutions products and services is reviewed annually, allowing internal governance organizations to decide whether the label is still warranted.In this way, the label can be withdrawn if, for example, new regulations are adopted or the environmental performance of the market standard improves to such an extent that our products or services no longer significantly outperform.

SB 1359 Polyethylene

SB 1359 polyethylene is used in the injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) process to manufacture packaging for liquids such as cleaning products, cosmetics and beverages. In December 2016, its label was not renewed because the product was discontinued.

PPH 4026 Polypropylene Grade

PPH 4026 polypropylene is used to manufacture thermoformed trays for fresh food packaging. In December 2016, the label for this grade was not renewed as a new solution will soon be available on the market.

PPC 12642 and PPC 13812 Polypropylene grades

PPC 12642 and PPC 13812 polypropylene grades are used for injection molded food trays and pails. In December 2016, their label was not maintained at the request of the Business Unit.

Total Petrochemicals Polystyrene 1960N

Grade 1960N polystyrene is used to manufacture extruded polystyrene insulation boards. In December 2015, its Total Ecosolutions label was not renewed because the environmental performance of the market standard progressed.


Lumicene® M2704EP Polyethylene

This polyethylene resin is used to manufacture transparent collation shrink film for packaging applications. In December 2014, its label was not renewed because the product line was discontinued.

Polystyrene Compounds 818R

This product was used to make more environmentally friendly back covers for LCD television sets. In December 2014, its label was not renewed because manufacture of the product was discontinued.

Fioul Soleil Solution

The Total Ecosolutions Fioul Soleil service consists of subsidies to help customers replacing their conventional boilers to switch to a dual-energy solution comprising renewable solar energy and a heating oil-fired condensing boiler. In October 2013, the label for this service was not renewed because the Fioul Soleil solution is no longer being marketed.

Automated Meter Reading Service

This service, available only in the United Kingdom, supplies and installs automated meters that can transmit data concerning gas or power use remotely. In December 2013, the label for Gas & Power's AMR service was not renewed because of the introduction of legislation requiring the use of smart meters in the U.K.

GR Consommer Moins [Use Less Fuel] Solution

The label of the GR Consommer moins [Use Less Fuel] solution introduced in 2008 to help our customers use less fuel was withdrawn after an annual review in April 2012. As of that date, the "Eco-Driving" training originally included was no longer offered as a GR card service. A new, more complete Consommer moins [Use Less Fuel] solution was developed to meet fleet managers’ needs more effectively. The solution was awarded an Ecosolutions label in April 2013.